Dusknoir LV.X Deck: Eerie Ectoplasm

Hello hello hello! I’m back again to deliver only the lowest quality, most vile decks imaginable. Today I present you with my favorite Pokémon card of all time, Dusknoir LV.X. This card is, as far as I know, the only Pokémon that can become a Stadium, and it might be a contender for the most text on a single Pokémon card. Now, let’s get into this Dusknoir LV.X deck.

Dusknoir LV.X

Dusknoir LV.X

In case the literal novel written on Dusknoir LV.X’s card text deterred you, I’ll give a brief summary. When Dusknoir LV.X is Knocked Out, you can put it into play as a Stadium card, and it does 10 damage to each of your opponent’s Pokémon between turns. Additionally, if Dusknoir LV.X is removed at any point, it returns to your hand, allowing you to play it several times.

Dusknoir LV.X Combos

Spread has always been a relatively strong rogue contender throughout the history of Pokémon, so there’s plenty of support to make Dusknoir LV.X pop.



Ironically, arguably the most powerful card in spread decks is Dusknoir itself! Sinister Hand is an ability that lets you move your opponent’s damage at will, keeping it spread out while dealing it, and consolidating it at the last minute for a massive KO. Nothing is safe while this menace is on the field, and to top it all off, you can level up Dusknoir into our favourite LV.X.

Noivern V & Azelf

Noivern VAzelf

Next we have our main attackers. Noivern V can deal 20 damage to each of your opponent’s Pokémon for a single Psychic Energy, and Azelf can do the same, but only to previously damaged mons. Luckily, it’s really easy to damage all of the opponent’s Pokémon when Dusknoir is on the field.

Weezing & Roxie


Weezing and Roxie form a formidable draw and spread engine simultaneously. When Weezing is discarded off the effect of Roxie, it does 10 spread to your opponent’s field, and when Roxie discards 2 Pokémon, you get to draw 6 cards. This could theoretically be improved by running 4 Koffing as well, but I don’t like running them on account of deck space, and running into them as sole Basics in the starting draw.

Head Ringer & Silent Lab

Head Ringer Team Flare Hyper GearSilent Lab

While not directly related, these cards serve the same purpose—to prevent your opponent from playing the game. Head Ringer is a strange Pokémon Tool that you attach to your opponent’s Pokémon, making all their attacks a little more expensive. Silent Lab turns off the abilities of Basic Pokémon, which only hits Tapu Lele-GX in this deck, but can be devastating to your opponent’s strategy.

Dusknoir LV.X Deck List

For our Dusknoir LV.X deck, we’re playing a pretty standard lineup of supporting cards, with the typical singleton Supporter and 4 VS Seeker package, as well as Rare Candy to get Dusknoir out quickly and Mysterious Treasure as our ball search since our entire deck is Psychic.

Pokémon – 20

4 Duskull SW
1 Dusclops BUS
3 Dusknoir BCR
1 Dusknoir LV.X SF
4 Azelf XYP
2 Noivern V
1 Tapu Lele-GX
4 Weezing CEC

Trainers – 32

4 Roxie
1 Cynthia
1 Colress
1 Marnie
1 N
1 Guzma
1 Lysandre

4 VS Seeker
3 Rare Candy
4 Mysterious Treasure
1 Luxury Ball
1 Rescue Stretcher

4 Head Ringer
1 Life Dew

4 Silent Lab

Energy – 8

4 Mystery Energy
4 Psychic Energy

Deck Analysis

There’s nothing too complicated with this list. Your goal is to get out Dusknoir turn 1, as well as a Noivern V in the Active spot, with Azelf flowing in as backup. Keep the damage separate until you’re able to get a big Knock Out, at which point you can take a commanding lead of the game. Overall, the Dusknoir LV.X deck isn’t the most consistent or overwhelmingly powerful, but it is one of the funkiest cards you will ever see.

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