Evolving Skies Jumpluff Deck — Attack Twice a Turn!

Hello people and Pokémon, welcome to another ridiculous deck profile. Today I will be floating over the Evolving Skies Jumpluff deck, which allows you to attack your opponent twice every turn!

Evolving Skies Jumpluff

After my league professor showed me this absolute beauty of a card in a battle, I couldn’t help falling in love. Jumpluff has always been a personal favourite of mine, from the fan favourite “The Truth” deck to Lost March. Now, this card gets to deal 120 damage for a single Energy, and that’s without the full combo in play. The main focus of the deck will be the Rapid Strike scrolls. For those unfamiliar, scrolls are special Pokémon Tools within the Single Strike and Rapid Strike archetypes that give the attachee a new powerful attack. Since Jumpluff can attack twice in a turn, this power is doubled, leading to some extremely powerful plays.

The Scrolls

While 120 damage for a single Energy is decent in its own right, we have cards like Kangaskhan that can do that on a Basic. What we need are some other cards to help Jumpluff reach the highest echelon of power.

Facilitating the main combo of the deck, these powerful scrolls provide Jumpluff with additional attacks, each usable twice per turn. The main focus here is the Rapid Strike Scroll of the Skies, which adds the Gravdrop attack to our fluffy fighter. The attack does 10 damage plus 50 for each Energy attached to your opponent’s Active Pokémon; thus, it is heavily reliant on your opponent giving you attachments. Fortunately, if they try to starve you of Energy to hit with, you can always fall back on the standard 120 per turn to 3-shot anything in the format. This card does struggle against decks that discard their Energy, such as Rapid Strike Urshifu Vmax and Rayquaza Vmax, so keep those matchups in mind when choosing this deck. It struggles especially against Urshifu, where it absolutely needs Mew to prevent an utter demolition. The second scroll is more of a tech card than anything, but it provides nice coverage against single-prize decks. Matchless Maelstrom deals 30 damage to each of your opponent’s Pokémon per attack, so 60 to each on a Jumpluff. This can be very powerful against boards that need many Sobble or other Basic Pokémon to set up.

The Deck

That’s all there really is to say about the combo. Skiploom lets you speed through the evolution process, and Mew is here to help with Urshifu. Other than that, here’s the Evolving Skies Jumpluff deck, and here’s the Pikadeck version.

Pokémon – 20

4 Hoppip
4 Skiploom
4 Jumpluff
3 Remoraid
3 Octillery
2 Mew

Trainers – 30

1 Professor’s Research
4 Marnie
4 Bruno
2 Boss’s Orders
1 Brawly
1 Korrina’s Focus

4 Level Ball
3 Quick Ball
3 Evolution Incense
2 Rescue Carrier

4 Rapid Strike Scroll of the Skies
1 Rapid Strike Scroll of Swirls

Energy – 10

4 Rapid Strike Energy
4 Spiral Energy
2 Grass Energy

Thanks for reading! If you liked what you saw here and are interested in even more grass-type fun, I have two recent posts you might want to check out. This one is a crazy Regidrago list with Cherrim and Ludicolo, and the other is an adorable Leafeon Vmax deck.

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