Leafeon Vmax Deck — Tie Down Your Opponent with Grass Knot!

Hello all, this is PikaPoster, here with another PikaPost from PikaPost. In today’s article I will be showcasing one of the coolest new decks from Sword and Shield–Evolving Skies: the Leafeon Vmax deck. With a powerful Grass Knot attack that brings opponents to the ground, you will be sure to love the combos and catastrophic impact of this deck.

Leafeon Vmax

Leafeon Vmax is the cornerstone of the deck. As you can probably tell, the attack we will mainly be using is Grass Knot, which does 60 damage time the retreat cost on your opponent’s Active Pokémon. Fortunately for us, ninety percent of V’s and Vmax’s have a 2 retreat cost, with a few singles and triples dotted around. This means that we do 120 damage for 2 Energy, but the real combo comes from Galar Mine, a card which adds 2 to the retreat cost of everything on the field. That’s 240 damage against almost everything, and 300 against Eternatus Vmax.

However, now we have to deal with our own Leafeon. A retreat cost of 4 is less than ideal, but luckily Evolving Skies gave us an option for that. Snow Leaf Badge allows Leafeon Vmax to retreat for free, regardless of retreat cost, and also erases its Weakness. The Weakness portion is unlikely to come up, but its nice to know that Victini Vmax won’t OHKO you and that you will live most hits just fine.

The Rest of the Cards

Although a seemingly simple concept, this Leafeon Vmax deck is chock full of interesting combo pieces, and I’m here today to break each one down for you.

Galar Mine & Snow Leaf Badge

As explained above, these two cards facilitate the deck’s main combo—manipulating retreat costs. Galar Mine increases your opponent’s, and Snow Leaf Badge decreases yours. It’s a simple combination that can be truly devastating.

Echoing Horn, Boss’s Orders, and Others

In an interesting play on the deck, I decided to explore the idea of Echoing Horn and Boss’s Orders as a side combo. With these two in your hand, you can revive one of your opponent’s discarded Pokémon V, especially a Crobat, or something with a retreat cost of 2. Because of Grass Knot’s math, a Galar Mine-boosted attack will OHKO almost any basic Pokémon V in the format. This means that if you can take 2 KOs on opposing V’s with a single Leafeon Vmax, you will be able to take a prize advantage of 4 to 3.

Other cards played in this combo include Eldegoss V or Pal Pad for retrieving Boss’s Orders, and the Inteleon line for searching out the key pieces.


Holding the honour of being some of the most played cards in the game by far, both Inteleon prove to be great assets in this deck. The Drizzile and Shady Dealings Inteleon are arguably better, as they can search every combo piece in the deck, from the all-important Galar Mine to Boss’s Orders to a draw supporter. However, in addition to the standard trainer-searching Inteleon engine, I chose to play 2 copies of the Quick Shooting Inteleon. Famous for fixing the math on hard-to-reach Knock Outs, Inteleon proves just as useful in this deck. Against Vmax’s, Inteleon can whittle their HP down while they are setting up. Against V’s, it can do the same, but faster. In possibly its best matchup, Inteleon can snipe Eternatus Vmax twice, allowing Leafeon Vmax to OHKO it with Grass Knot and a Galar Mine. Truly, Inteleon is the package that just keeps on giving.

Other Tech

As with any deck, this one plays some oft-overlooked tech cards to help the deck function more consistently. First we have Tool Scrapper, a great little card that can take out any pesky Air Balloons that might reduce Leafeon Vmax’s damage. Next, Capture Energy provides invaluable support by functioning as an attachment and a Ball Search in one card. Due to Capture Energy’s inclusion, this list actually plays very few Quick Balls, instead opting for a heavy Evolution Incense and Pokémon Communication lineup. Lastly, we have a single copy of Phoebe, just to get around pesky Zamazenta and Glaceon that might shut down your Leafeon Vmax a bit too easily.

Other Options

While coming up with this list, I thought of numerous other options to make the deck more interesting. My first thought was, “what if you wanted to devolve your opponent’s Pokémon instead of Bossing them?” Well, with Banette, we can do just that. If you slam into a Vmax and do sufficient damage, you can simply evolve into Banette next turn and take the KO, then deal even more damage. For this strategy, swap a Boss’s Orders, the Echoing Horn, the Eldegoss V, and a few other less necessary cards for a few Shuppet and Mismagius, as well as some Scoop Up Nets. The reason I didn’t go for this strategy was the amount of deck space it takes up, but if you want to play it in Expanded, you can always try going with the Celebi from Unified Minds, which uses grass energy to attack for the same effect.

The List

Finally, we get to the list. If you would like to print the deck, I will hopefully remember to put a list here once Evolving Skies gets added to PikaDeck; otherwise, here’s the link to PikaDeck, and enjoy this Leafeon Vmax Deck!

Pokémon – 20

4 Leafeon V
3 Leafeon Vmax
4 Sobble CRE
4 Drizzile SSH
1 Inteleon SSH
2 Inteleon CRE
1 Crobat V
1 Eldegoss V (Pal Pad works too)

Trainers – 30

3 Professor’s Research
4 Marnie
3 Boss’s Orders
1 Phoebe

2 Quick Ball
3 Evolution Incense
3 Pokémon Communication
2 Switch
1 Echoing Horn
1 Tool Scrapper

3 Snow Leaf Badge

4 Galar Mine

Energy – 10

6 Grass Energy
4 Capture Energy

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