Jolteon-GX Deck Profile – No Energy Turbo

Welcome my assorted rodents and everyone else. Today I will be showcasing my personal league deck, a Jolteon-GX amalgam built to attack without a single energy attached! It’s a really fun, really quick deck that will be sure to shock your opponent. That said, let’s get into the deck.

Modified Standard

Before we get started, let me introduce you to the format I play at league, something I refer to as “Modified Standard”. This format, in essence, is Unlimited format where you play primarily Standard cards. This means that you will generally play recent-ish archetypes and core cards, while still being allowed to use interesting cards from the past to help with your combos. It’s generally discouraged to play donk or anything too broken, but the Unlimited format allows for some more niche cards to see viable play, such as the Jolteon-GX we are seeing today.

The Cards

Before we hop into the actual list, here’s a brief breakdown of the key cards of the deck, and the purpose they serve in the gameplay.


What would a Jolteon-GX deck be without its star card? Jolteon-GX is the main attacker in our deck, and while its attacks may seem underwhelming, we will be able to greatly bolster their power with auxiliary cards down the line.

Jolteon / Thunder Mountain

The other cornerstones of the deck, Jolteon and Thunder Mountain have the ability to lower the attack cost of your Jolteon-GX. With both of them in play, Jolteon can use any of its attacks for free, emphasizing the absurd “Turbo” aspect of this deck. This is the main combo, and it usually lets you chain attackers extremely easily.

Eevee / Eevee-GX

In line with our many eeveelutions, we are playing the maximum number of Eevees possible. 4 Eevee-GX is a must, as it can be played alongside regular Eevee, and the regular Eevee I chose was the Chain Reaction Eevee. It can evolve from the deck whenever another of your mons evolves, so a single evolution can give you a full board of cards.

Giant Bomb

This card is the last, secret combo piece we play. Jolteon-GX has a somewhat lacking damage output, even with Flareon and Electropower boosts, but Giant Bomb can fix that. Against Standard decks, Jolteon will often be OHKO’d, which, with Giant Bomb, will add 100 damage to the attacker. That means that you will almost always be able to take a 2HKO, and often an OHKO against smaller threats like Tag Teams or regular Vs.

Other Options

Although I will provide a complete list for your usage, here are some other options I considered that didn’t make the cut.

Vaporeon AOR and CEC

I ended up not playing these cards, but here is the logic with each. Vaporeon AOR can offer some support against fire decks, but really the only one in Standard post-rotation is Victini VMAX, and that does basically nothing to Jolteon-GX anyway. On the other hand, Vaporeon CEC provides 60 more HP, but common decks like ADPZ will still OHKO with 260, or Eternatus with 270. It could potentially be played alongside Big Charm, but I prefer Giant Bomb anyway.

The List

Now that I’ve gone over the individual important cards, here’s the list I personally play at my local Pokémon league. Depending on your league or local players, feel free to tweak it to your liking. Also, I will leave a link to the printable proxy list right after the deck.

Pokémon – 20

4 Eevee (Chain Reaction)
4 Eevee-GX
4 Jolteon-GX
3 Jolteon CEC
2 Flareon CEC
1 Tapu Koko (Prism Star)
2 Deddene-GX

Trainers – 34

4 Professor’s Research
1 Cynthia
1 Colress
1 Marnie
1 N
1 Boss’s Orders
1 Guzma

4 VS Seeker
3 Ultra Ball
1 Electromagnetic Radar
2 Nest Ball
4 Trainers’ Mail
4 Electropower
2 Electrocharger
3 Giant Bomb

1 Thunder Mountain (Prism Star)

Energy – 6

4 Speed Lightning Energy
2 Lightning Energy

You can find the link to the printable list here.

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