Amazing Rare Zamazenta Porygon-Z Deck – VMAX Lockdown

If there’s one thing I like to see in a Pokémon card, it’s a hefty price tag. Jokes aside, I decided to step out of my budget bubble and build a deck around the Amazing Rare Pokémon cards, especially focusing on the Amazing Rare Zamazenta. The trademark of these cards is a diverse Energy cost of three different kinds, so I will be utilizing Porygon-Z to accelerate all kinds of Special Energy to them. That said, welcome back to another fabulous deck profile.

The Cards

This section is going to be pretty large. Not only will I be using various means of buffing our Amazing Rare Zamazenta, but I have elected to include various other Amazing Rare Pokémon to help our onslaught against VMAXs.

Amazing Rare Zamazenta

What a beautiful card to begin with as the cornerstone of our deck. Amazing Rare Zamazenta might not be easy to power up, but with a powerful 180 damage attack, as well as the ability to shield itself from all VMAX damage, it can pose an incredible threat when played correctly. The main strategy with this card is simple: attach the necessary Energy and slam into anything in its path.


Porygon-Z is basically the reason this deck works. I’m sure you could use a combination of other acceleration to power up Zamazenta, but not only would that potentially be more difficult, it would also restrict you to a single attacker. The play for this card is to grab some early Porygons, then hit them with a Rare Candy on the following turn.

Other Amazing Rares

This sure is an Amazing Rare deck, as we are playing five out of the nine total amazing rares in existence. I chose these based on their synergy with each other, especially Zamazenta. First we have Zama’s brother, Zacian. While Zamazenta can wall up against troublesome VMAXs, Zacian provides an absurd 300 damage output. Next we have the very useful Raikou, which can dish out 120 damage to the Defending and a chosen Benched Pokémon. This can be useful for taking two KOs at once, softening up a Tag Team or bulky VMAX for Zacian, or taking an extra prize from an unevolved Pokémon. Lastly for the attackers, we have Kyogre, a personal favourite of mine. Like a Raikou on steroids, Kyogre is able to dish out 80 damage to not one, not two, but every single Pokémon on your opponent’s field. Against regular decks, that basically guarantees that either Zamazenta or Zacian will take a OHKO, and against single-prize decks like Spiritomb, there will be no coming back from a potential 6-way KO for your opponent. Our final Amazing Rare is Jirachi, who is easily the most played normally; it gives you extra draw, which is great for the early game. I contemplated playing Gormandize Snorlax in its place, but that just wouldn’t be in the Amazing Rare Spirit, now would it?

Karate Belt

Karate Belt was a last-minute include to the deck that I found as I was scrolling through tools I could potentially use. I didn’t want anything that buffed damage, as 180 won’t be OHKOing most foes either way, but then I noticed Karate Belt. As long as you are behind on prize cards, a common occurrence with single-prize decks, you can attack for a fighting Energy less. That means you could potentially get an attack off turn 2 without even seeing a single Porygon.

Martial Arts Dojo

Another last-minute include, Martial Arts Dojo also takes advantage of the underdog state. If you are behind on prizes, your fighting Pokémon will deal a whopping 40 extra damage to the Defending Pokémon. This might not seem too relevant with Zamazenta’s subpar 180 damage output, but this card helps dramatically against popular decks like Zacian, who falls to the exact 220 damage of a Dojo-boosted Amazing Shield. I’m only playing one at the moment, but I would consider upping that count if it proves useful.

Special Energy

As with any Porygon-Z deck, we see a wide variety of Special Energy. First and foremost we are playing 4 each of both Rainbow and Aurora Energy, as they provide any type of Energy with minimal drawback. We are also playing 4 Unit Energy, of the Lightning / Psychic / Metal variety. If you look back at our Amazing Rare lineup, you will notice that every Pokémon there benefits from two of these types, so this is effectively just another Rainbow-type Energy. Lastly we are playing a single Recycle Energy, although I am hesitant on this tech. It’s primarily used for quelling the retreat costs of Jirachi and Kyogre, allowing Jirachi to retreat without spending a precious Air Balloon, and Kyogre without burning a different kind of Energy. I thought about playing more of these to circumvent Air Balloon altogether, or none to make room for more Dojos. That’s probably the most variable part of the deck right now, so feel free to alter it as you see fit.

The List

Overall, this is a pretty streamlined list. Other than the single-count Amazing Rares and the Recycle Energy shenanigans, there’s not a lot of space in the deck for alteration with this basic strategy. That said, here’s the list.

Pokémon – 16

4 Zamazenta VIV
3 Porygon UNB
1 Porygon2 UNB
3 Porygon-Z UNB
1 Zacian VIV
1 Raikou VIV
1 Kyogre SHF
2 Jirachi VIV

Trainers – 31

4 Marnie
3 Professor’s Research
3 Boss’s Orders

4 Quick Ball
4 Great Ball
2 Pokémon Communication
3 Rare Candy
2 Scoop Up Net
1 Lana’s Fishing Rod / Ordinary Rod

2 Karate Belt
2 Air Balloon

1 Martial Arts Dojo

Energy – 13

4 Unit Energy LPM
4 Rainbow Energy
4 Aurora Energy
1 Recycle Energy

Thanks for reading, and I hope you try out the deck! I certainly will, with proxies of course. If you want to try the deck for yourself using proxies, here is the link to the list:

Zamazenta Deck

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