A Mind Blowing Deck Tech Tuesday

Hello everybody and welcome to my first Deck Tech Tuesday. Today we will be building what is one of the greatest new decks from the Lost Thunder expansion. Without further ado, here is Blacephalon / Naganadel.

The Cards

Nearly every deck needs some sort of core combo that it works off of, as it improves consistency and the overall performance of the deck. As you can probably tell, “Blacephalon / Naganadel” functions off of mainly Blacephalon-GX and Naganadel.



Blacephalon-GX is an extremely powerful card. It is able to do extreme amounts of damage with Mind Blown, dealing 50 for each Energy that is put into the Lost Zone from your Pokémon. Because you cannot retrieve this Energy once it is lost, the deck must run a high Energy count, usually around 15-16.



If there is one issue with Blacephalon-GX, it is the lack of natural Energy acceleration for Mind Blown. Naganadel easily remedies this problem, able to pull one Energy back from the discard pile each turn. The only problem left to solve is how to go about putting Energy into the discard pile for Naganadel to retrieve.

Heat Factory Prism Star / Other Cards

Heat Factory ◇

Heat Factory Prism Star is a new and improved version of Scorched Earth. It allows you to reliably discard a Fire Energy each turn, and in return draw 3 new cards. While this is one way to discard Energy, there are many more to add to your list.

Ultra Ball and Mysterious Treasure might be the most obvious, since you will likely run them anyway, and they provide a fairly steady stream of discarded Energy; however, cards like Acro Bike, Sophocles, and Sightseer are very good as well and provide lovely benefits with them.


This is generally a very simple list, having a small but effective core and not many techs (ironic, I know). There is a version of this list with Shedinja to stop your opponents taking Prize Cards, but I prefer to keep it simple. I will also put some possible edits for an Alolan Muk tech as well as adding Sophocles or Sightseer.

Pokémon – 14

4 Blacephalon-GX
4 Poipole
3 Naganadel
2 Marshadow
1 Tapu Lele-GX

Trainers – 30

4 Cynthia
2 Lillie
3 Guzma
1 Kiawe

4 Ultra Ball
4 Beast Ring
3 Mysterious Treasure
2 Energy Switch
2 Choice Band
2 Acro Bike

2 Ultra Space
1 Heat Factory Prism Star

Energy – 16

15 Fire Energy
1 Beast Energy Prism Star

If you would like to add Alolan Muk or any other Stage 1 Tech in, here is a suggested edit:

-1 Poipole
+1 Ditto Prism Star
+1 Alolan Muk
-1 Cynthia

And here is an additional edit to keep the Cynthia but change the Acro Bikes to a Sophocles or Sightseer (Goes with above edit):

+1 Cynthia (cancels out above)
-2 Acro Bike
+1 Sophocles / Sightseer

Thanks for reading, and I hope you have a fun time playing this deck. If you don’t have the cards, or want to test the deck before buying them, here is a link to an amazing proxy deck builder. You just build your deck, click download and print it! PikaDeck.net

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