Celestial Storm Review – Lightning

Hello everybody, PikaPoster here, and welcome back to another Celestial Storm post. Today we will be checking out the lightning types of the expansion. Although few in number, they are definitely worth their own post.


This card is the epitome of Energy acceleration. You may choose to knock it out, and in doing so attach 5 energies from your discard to your Pokémon. Although it will cost you 2 prizes, I think it’s worth it just for style points. I mean, talk about going out with a bang! I would rate this card 2.5 out of 5 stars.


This new Lanturn card looks intriguing. It has a built-in EXP Share, and can do a solid 140 damage if you discard all of its energy. I don’t think it will ever see any kind of competitive play, but it looks like a fun rogue and possibly expanded deck, where you could use Eelektrik. 2/5 stars.


I love this new Manectric card. It has the same ability as the Talonflame from steam siege, and it has an awesome attack that gives insane energy acceleration. I rate this card 3/5 stars.


This card could be good it its first attack was free of an energy cost, but sadly, it requires the attachment of an energy. I wish this card was better, but it gets 1.5/5 stars.


If Plusle is bad, Minun is terrible. It has a much worse first attack, and should never be used in a real battle. The only score I can give this card is a measly 1/5 stars.


This card is just a much, much worse version of the Tapu Koko promo card. It could be good, but it’s just outclassed. I’ll give this card 1.5 stars.

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