Celestial Storm Review – Water

Hey guys, and welcome to the newest installation in the Celestial Storm Review series. Today we will be looking over all of the lovely water types of this set.


This card is basically like the Tapu Koko-GX of water types. It has a decent amount of power, but not the best GX attack ever. It might be good with Glaceon-GX, but I still think Lapras-GX is better. 3/5 stars.


I love Mudkip (as everyone does), and Swampert is almost as cool, in my humble opinion. This card of it is rather cool, as it has a built-in Zoroark-GX ability, only better. I have personally played this deck quite a bit, and enjoyed it very much. 4/5 stars.


Image result for ludicolo dance gif

This card is really cool. It has a nice draw ability, as well as doing a lot of nice damage with Circular Steps. I really like this card, it just makes me want to do the Ludicolo, as seen above. 3/5 stars.


The true fail whale himself, Wailord. This card is borderline useless, if not entirely so. It does barely any damage, and is a Stage 1. It only has 10 more HP than Wishiwashi-GX, so I would never, ever use this in a real deck. 1/5 stars.

Huntail / Gorebyss

Neither of these cards are very good, although Huntail can do decent damage to Buzzwole decks. I think overall this could be a fun rouge deck, but will never be competitive in the slightest. 2/5 stars.


I think that this card might have had potential, if not for a slight issue in wording. The cards states that Regice must be Active in order to use its ability. It might actually find a use in competitive, if not for this. 1/5 stars.


To be honest, this card is wet, soggy garbage. It’s main attack, which does 120 and costs an absurd number of energy, can only be used every other turn, and it has a terrible retreat cost and low HP to boot! It’s just a bad card. 0/5 stars.

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