Forbidden Light Deck Tech – Energy

So I just realized that I released a post on around 20 cards, and now I have 2 energies to do a post on… Welp. Mini post!

Beast Energy

Beast Energy ◇

This is one of the best Prism Star cards to date, up there with Latias and Diancie. It can only be attached to Ultra Beast cards, but while attached it provides 1 of any kind of Energy, as well as giving a 30 damage boost to all of that Pokémon’s attacks! If only it weren’t a Prism Star… 4.5 stars!

Unit Energy FDY

Unit Energy { Fighting }{ Darkness }{ Fairy }

Like it’s bretheren, Unit Energy FDY is a pretty versitile card that works well in decks that need multiple types of energy. However, you don’t see that many decks that use a combination of Fighting, Dark, and/or Fairy, so it’s uses are limited. Also, being a special energy makes it prone to being hit with Enhanced Hammer or the like. 1.5 stars.

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