Forbidden Light Deck Tech – Pangoro FLI

Hello all you Pokémon fans, and welcome to yet another Forbidden Light deck tech post. Today we will be looking at the big panda himself, Pangoro FLI.

Pangoro FLI


Pangoro 130HP [D]

[D][C] Untamed Punch 50+
If this Pokémon has any damage counters on it, this attack does 50 more damage, and both Active Pokémon are now Confused.

[D][D][C] Double Stomp 80+
Flip 2 coins. This attack does 40 more damage for each heads.

Weakness – [F] x2
Resistance – [P] -20
Retreat Cost – [C][C][C]


First off,  this card is dark type. There is not a lot of dark type support in the format, unless you count Zoroark-GX, which is support for literally any deck whatsoever. The only realistic option for energy acceleration is baby Yveltal, which works, albeit slowly.

Baby Yveltal and Umbreon-EX

While this might look like a weird combo at face value, I think that it just might work. The goal is to get dark energies into the discard fast enough for baby Yveltal to attach them, and since Battle Compressor is expanded, I thought Umbreon-EX would do the job just fine. It’s first attack draws a card for each one you discard from your hand, so it gives you momentum while also adding energy to the discard pile.

Alolan Marowak

This is another nice option for this deck. It allows you to grab energy straight out of the deck, but you have to evolve in order to use this card. Keep in mind that this is a substitute for the Yveltal / Umbreon engine.

Rainbow Energy and Mimikyu and Chaos Tower

Rainbow Energy should be in this list no matter what, since it lets Pangoro get full potential out of it’s first attack. Rainbow does damage, Chaos Tower prevents Confusion (only to you) and Mimikyu works as a nice counter to Buzzwole, utilizing Rainbow Energy.

Deck List

This list, unlike most of my very simple and straightforward ones, is a bit more tech based. I’m playing a nice combo with Pangoro, Rainbow Energy, Mimikyu, and Chaos Tower, I have my draw engine of Umbreon, Zoroark, and Oranguru, and Yveltal and Wish Baton for energy. I hope you enjoy the list, so here you go!

Pokémon – 18

4 Pancham
4 Pangoro FLI
2 Yveltal GEN
2 Umbreon-EX
1 Mikikyu GRI
2-2 Zorua / Zoroark-GX
(or 2-2 Remoraid / Octillery)
1 Oranguru

Trainers – 30

3 Sycamore
3 Cynthia
3 N
3 Guzma
1 Brigette
1 Lady

4 Ultra Ball
1 Timer Ball
1 Field Blower
1 Super Rod
3 Choice Band
2 Float Stone
2 Wishful Baton

2 Chaos Tower

Energy – 12

4 Rainbow Energy
2 Counter Energy (Not sure about these yet.)
6 Darkness Energy

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