Forbidden Light Deck Tech – Lycanroc FLI

Hello everybody, PikaPoster here, and welcome to another exciting Forbidden Light Deck Tech. Today we will be building Lycanroc FLI, a card which I quite like.

Lycanroc FLI


Lycanroc 120HP [F]

[F][C] Dangerous Rouge 20+
This attack does 20 more damage for each of your opponent’s Benched Pokémon.

[F][F][C] Accelerock 100

Weakness – [F] x2
Resistance – [NONE]
Retreat Cost – [C][C]


Looking at this card, there is really only one attack that stands out. Two dedicated and one colorless for 100 measly damage is not amazing, but two energy for an easily maxed 120 base attack is pretty nice. Combine this with the fact that it also gets Lycanroc-GX to help it out makes it a nice attacker.

Lycanroc-GX (Midnight)

Lycanroc-GX was one of the best cards for a long time, up there with Zoroark-GX and Buzzwole. Now, I’m pairing it with Lycanroc FLI for some increased mobility. It lets you invoke a Lysandre effect upon evolution, and makes a decent attacker in itself.

Captivating Poké Puff

This card synergies so well with Lycanroc. Once your opponent realizes what you’re doing and benches as few ‘Mons as possible, you can play this card to bench their Pokémon anyway. Bonus points if you hit a Lele.

Hippopotas ULP

I mean… how could I not? I was building a budget Fighting deck, and it just came to my mind like a thunder from a Tapu Koko in rain. I absolutely love this card, it’s just so dumb. If you don’t want to play it, you can always add a Baby Buzzwole or Buzzwole-GX to the mix.

Deck List

While most of my lists are rather plain and simple, this one has quite a lot of tech in it. I sort of enjoy playing it simple, but it is nice to get back to these rather all-over-the-place decks. Now, on to the deck.

Pokémon – 17

4 Rockruff
3 Lycanroc FLI
2 Lycanroc-GX (Midnight)
1 Buzzwole-GX
1 Hippopotas ULP / Buzzwole FLI
1 Diancie Prism Star
1 Alolan Vulpix
2 Remoraid
2 Octillery

Trainers – 32

4 Sycamore
3 Cynthia
3 N
3 Guzma
1 Brigette

4 Ultra Ball
4 Captivating Poké Puff
1 Field Blower
1 Rescue Stretcher
1 Pal Pad
3 Choice Band
2 Float Stone

2 Brooklet Hill

Energy – 11

4 Strong Energy
5 Fighting Energy
2 Counter Energy

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