Forbidden Light Deck Tech – Zygarde-GX

Hello everybody, PikaPoster here, and welcome to the newest post in the Forbidden Light Deck Tech series. Today we will be looking at the third main legendary from the Kalos region, Zygarde-GX.



Zygarde-GX 200HP [F]

[C][C] Cell Connector 50
Attach 2 [F] Energy cards from your discard pile to this Pokémon.

[F][F][C][C] Land’s Wrath 130

[F][F][C][C] Verdict-GX 150
Prevent all damage done to this Pokémon by attacks from Pokémon-GX and Pokémon-EX during your opponent’s next turn.

Weakness – [G] x2
Resistance – [NONE]
Retreat Cost – [C][C][C]


Zygarde-GX doesn’t seem to have that high potential. With decent HP, but high energy costs and low damage, it can’t do very well against the current meta. Even with strong energy, it can only really do well with its GX attack. This is where Bonnie comes in.


This new supporter is the most obvious partner for Zygarde-GX. It allows it to reuse its GX attack once for each card you play. Although it takes up your supporter for your turn, you can do a lot of damage with it once set up. You should definitely play a playset of these in a Zygarde-GX deck.

Diancie Prism Star / Regirock-EX

These cards both have very nice damage boosts that help Zygarde-GX get up to the standards of the current meta. You should play one Diancie as well as one or two Regirock-EX, if you have room. Strong Energy is a nice damage booster as well.

Buzzwole / Buzzwole-GX

Both of these cards are vary nice alternate, and very low energy attackers. They can both do a nice amount of damage for one energy, and a 1-1 line of them is recommended.

Deck List

This is actually one of the decks that I tested before Forbidden Light came out. It has some nice potential when played right, and I think this list is a nice improvement to the very all over the place one I tested with.

Pokémon – 14

3 Zygarde-GX
1 Buzzwole-GX
1 Baby Buzzwole
1 Diancie Prism Star
2 Regirock-EX
2 Zorua / Remoraid
2 Zoroark-GX / Octillery
2 Tapu Lele-GX

Trainers – 32

4 Bonnie
3 Sycamore
2 Cynthia
2 N
3 Guzma

4 Ultra Ball
4 Max Elixir
1 Rescue Stretcher
1 Pal Pad
3 Choice Band
2 Float Stone

2 Brooklet Hil
1 Scorched Earth

Energy – 14

4 Double Colorless Energy
2 Strong Energy
8 Fighting Energy

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