Ultra Prism Deck Tech – Items

Hello everyone, and welcome to the second to last post in the UPDT series. Today we will be checking out the multitude of items and tools in the expansion.


There are two main kinds of item cards, items and tools. Items tend to be more useful overall, because of their versatility. Tools, while nice, have to be attached, and can be discarded. Items give you an instant benefit.

Order Pad

This is a decent card, as it is essentially a PokéBall for Items. My only problem with it is the flip. If it had an ultra ball like effect, discard 2 to get an item, I would much prefer using it in my decks. This is a fairly good card, but not a guarantee, so I give it 3 stars.

Looker Whistle

Like Looker himself, Looker whistle is very situational. It can only be used in a deck with looker in it, and not many decks actually run Looker. This card is equally, if not more gimmicky than Looker, and it therefore gets 1.5 stars.

Missing Clover

Like puzzle of time, Missing Clover has 2 effects. One activates when you play one, but the other is when you play all four. The problem with this card is, playing one does literally nothing for you, and playing four is nice, but hard to do. It’s basically a worse version of Greedy Dice. Is there a way I can give something negative stars? It’s just useless deck space. 0 stars. Do not play this card.


Pokémon tool cards are fairly nice to have, but not necessary. I personally like to play them, as they tend to have nice benefits, like free retreat or 30 extra damage. Ultra Prism came out with more tools as they did items, if you can believe that!

Ancient Crystal

I feel like I’m using the word “situational” far too often in these posts, and I don’t think that’s my fault. Pokémon seems to be making so many, well, situational cards in this expansion. Ancient Crystal is a slightly better Hard Charm for Regice, Regirock, and Registeel. Even if it worked on all Pokémon, it still wouldn’t be that good. 0.5 stars.

Escape Board

When I saw this card, it very much confused me. It’s sort of just a worse version of float stone. Of course, it does have that bit about retreating while Paralyzed or Asleep, but that’s just meh. I feel like this card will be better when Float Stone rotates, but as of now, 3 stars is the most I can give it.

Electric and Fire Memory

These cards are yet again very situational. However, these particular cards are actually okay. While Silvally is not the most amazing card ever, it has some nice attacks and a great ability. Fire memory in particular is good, as it lets Silvally one-shot Golisopod. Electric Memory is okay, but not great, since not a lot in the format has a weakness to Lightning. Fire Memory gets 2.5 stars and Electric Memory 1 star.


Fossil cards have always been very gimmicky. First, Pokémon made one fossil that could evolve into all fossil Pokémon. Then we had dedicated fossils that would evolve into their own fossil Pokémon. Then we had those weird ones where you looked at the bottom seven cards of your deck or something. Now, we’re back to the basics, literally, as you can now play fossils as basic Pokémon again.

Unidentified Fossil

This card is literally just the card Mysterious Fossil reprinted. I might like this card better when there are more cards to use it, but as of now there are something like 2 of them. Right now, this card gets a 1.5 star, but it will improve as more fossil Pokémon can use this card.

A Note About the Last Post

My last post was about the Supporters in Ultra Prism. At the end, I showcased a card called Imakuni? Dance. If you believed me, you got April Fooled! But all of the other info was true. I promise. Totally not tricking you. Anyway, bye!

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