Ultra Prism Deck Tech – Supporters

Hello everybody, PikaPoster here, and today we will be doing something a little bit different. I’ll be reviewing each of the supporters in the entire set.

Draw Supporters

Draw Supporters are some of the most essential cards in the game. I like to have around 8 – 11 of them in all of my decks. Ultra Prism has introduced some great new ones for us to use.


This is probably my favorite new card from this set, aside from the Eeveelution-GXs. It’s just a much better version of Shauna, and better than Oak’s theory, as it has that sweet combo with Garchomp and Lucario. (For my take on the deck, click here). I feel that this is the best of the new supporters, by a lot. It gets 5 stars, the highest rating of staple.


Now, when I saw this card, I thought it was horrible. It’s just Hau for the bottom of your deck. You can’t even use Rotom Dex to influence the cards you get. However, Darkintegralgaming found a cool way to use it in his Oranguru/Looker/Raichu deck. I would give this card 2 stars, as a gimmick card that can be good, but only in certain circumstances.


Other than maybe Gardenia, which I will get to in a minute, this is my least favorite supporter in the set. It lets you draw 2 cards and discard a card from your opponent’s hand. Kukui is better. It isn’t really that disruptive. I genuinely cannot think of any circumstance in which you would want to use this card. 1 star. It’s just bad.

Helpful Supporters

Helpful supporters are non-draw supporters that don’t hurt your opponent in any major way. Healing cards, search cards, and evolutionary cards are some examples. You don’t generally play as many of these types on supporters as the other ones, but they are still nice to have around.


Volkner is a very nice card, but only in the right situation. It only really works for lightning types, and there aren’t really any good ones out yet. However, you never know what might come in the future. As of now, I would give this card a 1.5 star. It’s okay, but too situational.


This is the supporter I talked a bit about earlier. It heals 80 damage from any Pokémon with any Grass energy attached. Since it’s a supporter, I feel like it’s just a wasted turn to play it. if it was 120 damage and special conditions maybe, but I just don’t see how this card could ever be worth it. 1 star.

Disruptive Supporters

These are some of the funnest, as well as most annoying supporters in the game. Some examples are Guzma, Team Rocket’s Handiwork (my least favorite card ever), and Team Flare or Skull Grunt, to name a few.

Cyrus Prism Star

Cyrus is a relatively nice card. It only works if your active Pokémon is a water or metal Pokémon, but it lets you scoop up 2 of your opponent’s Pokémon. This could potentially win you the game against a deck without many benched Pokémon. I would give it 3 stars.

Imakuni? Supporters

This variety of supporters are the kind that do literally nothing of benefit. The Imakuni? supporters include Imakuni? and, well, not a lot else.

Imakuni? Dance

This is a secret card from Ultra Prism. It is 174/156, and as usual, has a stupid effect. This one poisons and burns your active Pokémon. I am glad that we’re getting more of them, but I wish they had decent effects. I have no choice but to give this card 12/5 stars!

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