Ultra Prism Deck Tech – Alolan Dugtrio ULP

Hello everyone, and welcome to another Ultra Prism Deck Tech post. Today we will be looking over the card with the beautiful hair, Alolan Dugtrio ULP.

Alolan Dugtrio ULP

Alolan Dugtrio 60HP [M]

[] Gold Rush 30x
Discard any number of [M] Energy cards from your hand. This attack does 30 damage for each card you discarded in this way.

Weakness – [R] x2
Resistance – [P] -20
Retreat Cost – [C]


I have so many things to say about this card. From the amazing attack to the wonderful hair, I feel it is a pretty good card. I have achieved a damage output of 510 damage with this card, and I think that says enough.

Starmie EVO

The Starmie from XY – Evolutions is pretty much the ideal partner for this card. It can pull back 2 energies every turn, and you can use multiple of them to max your damage output.

Mt. Coronet

This is hands down the best card for this deck. It lets you pull back 2 [M] energies every turn for free. It’s basically a 60 damage boost for your Dugtrio.


This card isn’t as good for the late game, where all your energy is in the discard, but in the early game it lets you pull 2 energies out of your deck. It’s decent, but optional.

Deck List

For my deck, I will be using a very basic list. A 4-4 line of Dugtrio is mandatory, as well as a 2-2 of Starmie. You could also run another line of Starmie in place of the Ribombee in my list.

Pokémon – 15

4 Alolan Diglett SUM
4 Alolan Dugtrio ULP
2 Staryu BKP
2 Starmie EVO
1 Cutiefly BUS
1 Ribombee BUS
1 Tapu Lele-GX / Oranguru

Trainers – 15 sup 4 stad

4 Cynthia
2 N
2 Sycamore
2 Brigette
2 Guzma
1 Fisherman

4 Ultra Ball
1 Field Blower
1 Rescue Stretcher
2 Evosoda
3 Choice Band

4 Mt. Coronet


Energy – 15

15 Metal Energy

2 thoughts on “Ultra Prism Deck Tech – Alolan Dugtrio ULP

  1. i changed: oranguru(i dont have tapu) for mr mime
    objects: 2 stretcher 2 professor letter 2 evosoda 2 energy retrieval 2 choice band 4 ultraball.
    2 N for 2 lylia(it depends of what you prefer)
    and took of an energy i think this way its pretty better probably you could keep only one stretcher if you have tapu lele

  2. I’m assuming you mean the bench protection one from BREAKthrough, and I actually tried that card out in testing. It worked fairly well, so give it a shot. What do you mean by “objects”? Are you talking about items, or do you object to these being in the deck? If it is the latter, I believe that stretcher could be knocked down to 1, the letters are nice to have, as are the evosodas, but the energy retreivals seem a bit unnecesary. Choice Band and Ultra Balls are staples, which goes without saying. I like my energy count, but feel free to change whatever you like.

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