Ultra Prism Deck Tech – Infernape ULP

Hello everybody, PikaPoster here, and today we will be looking at the seared simian himself, Infernape ULP.

Infernape ULP

Infernape ULP

Infernape 130HP [R]

[ABILITY] Flaming Fighter
Put 6 damage counters instead of 2 on your opponent’s Burned Pokémon between turns.

[R][C] Burst Punch 50
Your opponent’s Active Pokémon is now Burned.

Weakness – [W] x2
Resistance – [NONE]
Retreat Cost – [C]


Overall, this card looks pretty cool. With the potential to do 80 damage (Choice Band boost) and 120 for burn, you can do some serious damage. However, the fact that it is a stage 2 and it only has 130HP makes it fairly weak. I would say it is best used in conjunction with a Pokémon that burns instead of used on its own. One idea I have is the Salazzle from Ultra Prism, which will be the next post.

Salazzle ULP

Salazzle has a first attack that burns, confuses, and poisons all for one fire energy. It also has a second attack that does 60 damage, but 60 more if the opponent is affected with a special condition. This makes 150 with choice band, plus 120 for burn if you have a benched Infernape.

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