Crimson Invasion Spotlight – Cacturne CRI 6

Hello my fellow Pokémon players, and welcome to another Crimson Invasion Spotlight, this time featuring Cacturne CRI 6. Now, Let’s jump into the review.


Cacturne is a Pokémon based on a cactus scarecrow hybrid. It stands on two feet, and has arms and a head, just like a regular scarecrow. The main difference is that it is actually a cactus. It has spikes on its arms that is uses to swing at opponents, using the attack Needle Arm.

Cacturne CRI 6

Cacturne 110HP [G]

[G] Spike Rend 30+
If your opponent’s Active Pokémon already has any damage counters on it, this attack does 60 more damage.

[G][C] Hunt
Switch 1 of your opponent’s Benched Pokémon with their Active Pokémon. This attack does 40 damage to the new Active Pokémon.

Weakness – [R]
Resistance – [NONE]
Retreat – [C][C]


Let’s start by looking at its stats. It’s a grass type, which is basically neutral in this format. 110 HP is meh, and it’s a Stage 1. So far, not looking so good. Now onto its attacks. Spike Rend, the first attack does 30 damage, but 90 if the opposing Pokémon has any damage already on it. This would be a great attack for a basic, but for a Stage 1 this is kind of average. Its second attack, Hunt, is sadly even worse. For one dedicated energy and one of any kind, it swaps the opponent’s Active with a benched of your choice, and does 40 damage to it. This is the kind of useless attack that I hate. 40 damage isn’t enough to do anything, and if you really want to use extra switching cards, throw in another Guzma, or maybe a counter catcher. Out of five, this card deserves a 1, maybe a 2.


Now, overall Cacturne CRI might be horrid on its own, but with some other cards to help it, I can see building a rouge deck off of it.

Tapu Koko SM30/31

This card is one of the best utility Pokémon in the current rotation. With a decent 110 HP, a free retreat, and an awesome attack, its no wonder it cost about $8. This card comboes well with a lot of decks to help them reach the damage they need, but it makes Cacturne CRI a formidable force indeed. Tapu Koko has an attack that, for one Double Colorless Energy, does 20 damage to all of the opponent’s Pokémon, and all at once. This lets cacturne do 90 damage with its attack every turn, instead of having to attack twice to get the decent effect. With a 4-4 line of cacnea and cacturne, and a playset of Tapu Koko, you can do some serious damage.

Garbodor BKP 57

With this card, you can lock down important abilities in the format such as Geotech System, Secret Spring, and Giant Water Shuriken. Also, you can play the Trashalanche Garbodor from SM-Guardians Rising to do extra damage and apply weakness to psychic types like Mewtwo-GX.


I actually like this Pokémon quite a lot, and I don’t feel like cacturne gets the credit it deserves. I will be making a decklist for this card in the future, so come back and visit, or subscribe to recieve email notifications. Bye!

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