Guzzlord-GX – The Mighty Munching Menace


Hey PokéFans! PikaPoster here, ready to show you my newest, stupidest, most utterly pointless deck ever. I’m talking about Guzzlord-GX.


At first glance, Guzzlord-GX seems absolutely overpowered. 180 damage?! An attack that can take 3 or 4 prizes at once?! Sign me up! Then you look at its attack costs. 5 energy for both of them. Luckily, there at quite a few ways around this, such as Max Elixir and Guzzlord’s first attack, Eat Sloppily.

Guzzlord-GX Deck

Pokemon – 6

4 Guzzlord-GX  CRI 63
1 Hoopa SHL 55
1 Yveltal STS 65

Trainers – 14

4 Nest Ball
2 Brigette
4 N
4 Max Elixir

Energy – 40

36 Darkness Energy
4 Double Colorless Energy

I have not playtested this deck in the slightest, so if it turns out to be not so great, I am very sorry. I plan to test this once I get the proxies, and I hope it does somewhat well.

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