SM2 Guardians Rising – Tapu Lele and Other Pokémon

Hey everyone! Today, I, PikaPoster, will display some of the highlights of Pokémon Sun and Moon – Guardians Rising!

Guardians Rising

SM2, Guardians Rising is the second expansion in the Sun and Moon sets. Not only does it contain some seriously insane looking full-art supporters, but it has the Shaymin-EX priced Tapu Lele as well.

Tapu Lele-GX

Guardians Rising Tapu Lele

Tapu Lele-GX is legendary. Not only is it a legendary Pokémon, but it is like someone took Jirachi-EX, Lugia-EX, threw in a sweet GX move, and mashed it all together. I expect that it will be worth around 30 – 50 USD.

Lycanroc-GX (Midnight Forme)

If there’s one thing I can say about this card, that is that it has the best art of almost any card I have seen. I actually got Pokémon Moon over Pokémon Sun because of this dude. It has a nice ability, like an instant Lysandre, but its attacks are not amazing.


Sylveon-GX has some seriously annoying attacks. Magical Ribbon searches your deck for any three cards, and Plea-GX scoops two of your opponent’s Pokémon up. Plus, it’s an eeveelution.


If you like sheer power, Kommo-o is the Pokémon for you. With two double dragon energy, it can hit for 130, or it can use its GX attack for 240. It also has a bulky 240HP, and a damage reducing attack.


Hala will make you want to use your GX attack early. He will shuffle your hand for 4 cards, but if you have used your GX attack, you get 7 instead.

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