Best Pokémon Music EVER (in my opinion)

Hey everybody! I know I was going to do only Countdown to Christmas posts for a while, but I decided to show you what I listen to while blogging.

Battle! Lance/Red Theme

This theme first debuted in G/S/C, but was improved greatly in HG/SS. It is upbeat and mysterious, not to mention nostalgic. Here is the extended version:

Battle! Zinnia Theme

This theme is actually quite recent. It is a funk/rock theme, and is played in Ωrαs when you fight Zinnia in the Δ Episode. Here it is:

Battle! Champion Iris theme

This theme seems to be a variation on Champion Steven’s theme. It is upbeat and exciting, and I really like it. Here is the video:

Battle! May/Brendan theme

This upbeat song is exciting and nostalgic at the same time, as it debuted in R/S/E.

XY Route 15 theme

This theme is so majestic and beautiful. Here it is:

Battle! Diantha theme

This is my favorite Pokémon music of all time. It is beautiful, mysterious, and all around wonderful.

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