Pokémon Sun and Moon is Out!

Yes! The moment we’ve all been waiting for! Pokémon Sun and Moon, the Alola Region, is officially available for the Nintendo 3DS!

The Alola Region

Alola is a Hawaii-based region made up of four natural islands and one artificial one. It is home to many new Pokémon, including Rowlet, Litten, Popplio, Rockruff, and Mimikyu. In Alola, you are a young person who has just moved from another region, much like Ωrαs. The strange thing is, you are eleven instead of the usual ten. This is thought to be foreshadowing a change in the Pokémon anime, so Ash will turn eleven when he moves to Alola.

The game starts and you get a call from the Professor. Kukui asks you what your name is and if you are a boy or a girl, but in a more casual and subtle way than usual. I kind of like the way Kukui is all relaxed and chilled out. He seems like a more likable Birch, not rushing around all the time, but not formal like Oak or Rowan.

Then it cuts to a scene of Lillie, Kukui’s mysterious assistant, sneaking through the Aether foundation building. She gets caught, and a flash of light comes out of her bag. Turns out, it is the Pokémon Cosmog, who I will get back to later. You have to save her and her Cosmog, Nelly, and she will give you the Sparkling Stone. It is used for Z-moves, and possibly Mega-evolution.

Come back later for more info.

New Features

Poké Ride

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Poké Ride is arguably the most useful new feature in Sun and Moon. Instead of the old annoying HM deal, where you had to carry an HM wagon around, you can now call Pokémon to give you a lift by using Poké Ride. Tauros lets you go extremely fast, and breaks boulders, where as Stoutland can track Scents. Sharpedo can Surf fast, and you can Fly with Charizard.

New Battle Interface

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The new battle interface in Sun and Moon is really helpful. Instead of straining to remember if your Blastoise is effective against thier Mamoswine, you can check the attack you will use to see if it will do Effective, Super Effective, Not Very Effective, or No Effect. There are also Z-moves. These are special once a game moves that have super powerful effects.

Pokémon Refresh

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Pokémon Refresh is like a remake of Pokémon Amie, only better. Instead of gaining friendship, you can heal status conditions, clear dirt, and pet your Pokémon. It is useful in that you don’t have to stock up on full heals or berries when you go into battle. In fact, I don’t think there will be berries in Alola!

Caught Pokémon Options

This is my favorite new feature. Say, for example, you catch a Yungoos and you want to put it in your team, but you have no space. You can now click a button that sends one of your party Pokémon to the PC and put Yungoos in your party. This is a lot better than usual, and it gives more flexebility in your team.

Alola Pokémon

Full Alola Dex


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