2017 Rotation – Old Decks Gone, New Ones Here!

2017 Rotation

Hey everybody! PikaPoster here, ready to talk about the recent 2017 rotation. As you probably know, we lost a bunch of important cards and even whole decks as a result of the rotation, but that’s just how it is. You’ve got to roll with the punches and build a new deck for the standard format!

Lost Cards

Okay. We all know we lost some pretty important cards, such as Battle Compressor, Trevenant, and other good cards. But what exactly happened? Here is a list of the main important cards that we lost to Expanded Format.

 Card  Expansion
 Trevenant  XY
 Greninja  XY
 Aromatisse  XY
 Druddigon  FLF
 Miltank  FLF
 Pyroar  FLF
 Dedenne  FFI
 Lucario-EX  FFI
 Mienshao  FFI
 Seismitoad-EX  FFI
 Hawlucha  FFI
 Landorus  FFI
 Night Marchers  PHF
 M Manectric-EX  PHF
 Bronzong  PHF
 Aegislash-EX  PHF
 Crobat  PHF
 Gengar-EX  PHF
 Malamar-EX  PHF
 Pyroar  PHF
 Xerosic  PHF
 Korrina  FFI
 Blacksmith  FLF
 Muscle Band  XY
 Hard Charm  XY
 Head Ringer  PHF
 Focus Sash  FFI
 Battle Compressor  PHF
 Startling Megaphone  FLF
 Sacred Ash  FLF
 Trick Shovel  FLF
 Robo Substitute  PHF
 Dimension Valley  PHF
 Fighting Stadium  FFI
 Mystery Energy  PHF

Main Decks Lost/Hit

 Deck  Main Cards Lost
 Night March  Joltik, Pumpkaboo, Lampent, Battle Compressor
 Seismitoad-EX Variants  Seismitoad-EX, Crobat
 Trevenant  Travenant, Dimension Valley
 Mega Manectric  Manectric-EX, Mega Manectric-EX
 Lucario-EX  Lucario-EX, Fighting Stadium, Korrina, Hawlucha
 Pyroar  Both Pyroar, Blacksmith
 Wailord  AZ, Hard Charm, Head Ringer, Trick Shovel

New Decks To Build

Now that most of the pre-rotation decks are dead, its time to look for a new deck. I was playing Vespiquen pre-rotation, and one week after, I decided to build a Mega Gardevoir (Brilliant Arrow) and Giratina-EX deck. Is completely standard, and has no need for Aromatisse. Here are some decks that can do well post-rotation.

Vileplume AOR Variants

It is probably the best disruptive card in standard right now. Without Battle Copressor, I doubt many people will play it with Vespiquen, but it could work.

Garbodor BKP Variants

Without Xerosic and Startling Megaphone, he would be a force to be reckoned with. Zygarde-EX might be a good partner for this deck, as well as the more recent version of Darkrai-EX.

Mega Mewtwo (Y)

This deck always struggled against Night March, but now, with no key cards rotated, it could see some serious play. It has high HP and powerful attacks, and it accelerates very fast.

Mega Rayquaza-EX

This card is the same story as Mewtwo. No Rotations, and super fast acceleration. It will see lots of play in future.

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