Don’t Judge a Deck by it’s Looks – A Cinccino Deck

Hey everybody! This is PikaPoster, the PokéManiac. Today we are going to be talking a little bit about my Mom’s deck. All of the Pokémon in it are what she deems “cute”. Even though it would not seem like cute Pokémon can be that powerful, that deck has beaten my tournament Vespiquen deck. Don’t judge a deck based on how cute it it. Here is the ultimate Cinccino deck.

The main Pokémon in this deck are Cinccino and Sylveon. You might notice that they both have the Echoed Voice attack, which does 50 damage, but 100 if used multiple times in a row. Cinccino also has an ability called Smooth Coat that repels half of the attacks that attempt to hit it. One game, I did not hit it once. Sylveon also has an attack called Curly Ribbon, which is very disruptive, especially against a deck like mine, which only has 6 energy in it. Here is the full list.

Cute But Deadly

Pokémon – 28

4 Minccino
3 Cinccino LTR RC19/RC25
1 Cinccino NXD 85/98
3 Eevee FFI 80/111
2 Sylveon FFI 72/111
1 Leafeon FFI 7/111
1 Florges-EX PHF 116/119
2 Shaymin BCR 101/149
1 Shaymin LV.X PR DP39
2 Marill
1 Azumarill PRC 103/160
1 Azumarill PRC 104/160
1 Shaymin-EX LTR RC21/RC25
2 Snivy
1 Servine
1 Serperior BW 5/114
1 Dedenne FFI 34/111

Trainers – 14

1 Switch
2 Professor’s Letter
1 Winona
1 Battle Reporter
2 Tierno
1 Looker’s Investigation
1 Mountain Ring
1 Poke Ball
2 Potion
1 Pokémon Communication
1 Revive

Energy – 18

8 Fairy Energy
10 Grass Energy

In all honesty, this deck doesn’t look very consistent. But, for some reason, it is actually really powerful. Here are the edits I would make:

More Draw Support

+ 4 Professor Sycamore
+ 4 Birch’s Observations
– 2 Tierno

Tierno is an OK card, but it only gets 3 new cards. Sycamore and Birch give you a whold new hand to worrk with.

Cleaner Pokémon List

– 1 Cinccino NXD 85/98
+1 Cinccino LTR RC19/RC25
+1 Shaymin LV.X PR DP39
-2 Marill
-1 Azumarill PRC 103/160
-1 Azumarill PRC 104/160
-2 Snivy
-1 Servine
-1 Serperior BW 5/114

Many Pokémon in this list are unnecesary.

Less Energy

-6 Grass Energy
-4 Fairy Energy
+4 Double Colorless Energy

Less Energy and +DCE make for a cleaner build.

More Trainers

+ Lysandre
+ N
+ VS Seeker
+ Trainers’ Mail

The finished deck would probably be even more destructive. I hate to think what it would do to my decks.

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