Talonflame BREAK – Mother of Chaos

Hey Pokémon lovers! Today I’m going to be showing you the Mother of Chaos: Talonflame BREAK. Get ready for an amazing Flare Blitz attack. Talonflame will defeat them all.


Talonflame is an avian Pokémon that closely resembles a falcon. Its plumage is for the most part red-orange, with a gray underbelly and black tips on its long, pointed wings. Ovular orange spots dot its underside, and flame patterns mark the boundaries between colors on its body. Large yellow talons extend from the shaggy feathers on its legs. Talonflame has a pointed crest atop its head and a black and yellow mask like pattern around its eyes. Its black beak is hooked with a yellow circle around it. It also has long black tail-feathers marked with three yellow “V” shapes. The tail ends in two points and has another feather sticking out of the base on each side, giving the impression of the fletching on the end of an arrow.

When battling, Talonflame dives at foes, reaching speeds of 310 miles per hour, and then attacks with devastating kicks. It showers embers from its feathers as it soars through the sky.

Talonflame BREAK 21/114


Talonflame 170HP [F]

[F][F] Flare Blitz 150
Discard all Fire Energy attached to this Pokémon.

Other Talonflames

Talonflame BREAK has no weakness, or bottom half. That is because it is an addition to normal Talonflame. Here are some options for other Talonflames.

Talonflame 96/114 – This Pokémon can be played without Fletchling or Fletchinder, and has amazing attacks. It is by far the best Talonflame.

Talonflame XY, PHF, ROS – These ones all do some kind of recoil to themselves, be it taking extra damage, losing energy, or becoming more vulnerable.

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