Artificial Pokémon – Type: Null and Jangmo-o

Hey there Pokémon lovers! PikaPoster here, back with another Alola post. Today we will mainly be talking about the 2 new Pokémon, Type: Null, and Jangmo-o. In case you were wondering, the names are not computer errors, they are the actuall names.

Type: Null


CATEGORY Synthetic Pokémon
TYPE Normal
HEIGHT 6’03”
WEIGHT 265.7 lbs.
ABILITY Battle Armor

This Pokémon wearing a mask has been dubbed “Null,” meaning nothing.

The shapes of its front and hind legs are clearly different. The reason is that Type: Null was constructed to synthesize the strengths of various Pokémon, enabling it to adapt to any situation.

The mask fitted to Type: Null’s head is a piece of equipment designed to control its latent powers. It’s extremely heavy, so it also serves to hinder Type: Null’s agility.

To complete a certain mission, there was need of a Pokémon powerful enough to rival those Pokémon often spoken of in mythology.



CATEGORY Scaly Pokémon
TYPE Dragon
WEIGHT 65.5 lbs.
ABILITY Bulletproof/Soundproof

Jangmo-o has the pride of a warrior, although it remains humble about its capabilities. In its pursuit to become stronger, it never neglects its training.

Because Jangmo-o uses the scales on its head for both offense and defense, it never turns its back to its enemies. Many Trainers see this behavior and take it as proof that Jangmo-o is a valiant Pokémon.

Jangmo-o gather in harsh locales like canyons, where no other people or Pokémon are around, to live together as they train.

Alolan Rattata


CATEGORY Mouse Pokémon
TYPE Dark/Normal
WEIGHT 8.4 lbs.
ABILITY Gluttony/Hustle

Alolan Rattata’s form changed as a result of their battle for territory with Yungoos.

Unlike ordinary Rattata, urban areas are Alolan Rattata’s main habitat. They are nocturnal and live in nests of several dozen. Alolan Raticate serve as their bosses.

As a countermeasure to the exploding Rattata population in the Alola region, Yungoos were imported and released. To better avoid Yungoos, Rattata changed their preferred environments and circadian rhythms. These adaptations to their new environment led to a changed form.

Alolan Rattata have an excellent capacity for sniffing out delicious fresh foods in Alola. They pay no attention to foods that aren’t fresh.

Alolan Raticate


CATEGORY Mouse Pokémon
TYPE Dark/Normal
HEIGHT 2’04”
WEIGHT 56.2 lbs.
ABILITY Gluttony/Hustle

Because urban areas are their main habitat, their diet is higher in calories than ordinary Raticate. As a result, they have become hefty.

Alolan Raticate prefers to eat only fresh fruits and high-class ingredients. There are rumors that a certain top-notch restaurant takes advantage of Alolan Raticate’s taste buds by bringing it along when choosing ingredients to buy, and having it taste test new dishes.

Alolan Raticate continually stockpile huge amounts of food in their nests. They mostly prefer to send out Alolan Rattata to gather food while they themselves stay home in their nests and just eat.

Alolan Raticate is the Totem Pokémon of the trial that takes place in Verdant Cavern on Melemele Island in Pokémon Moon.* It summons Rattata to help it confront those who take on the trial. Gumshoos appears as the Totem Pokémon in Verdant Cavern in Pokémon Sun.

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