Flaming Body – an Awesome Infernape Deck

Hey PokeFans! I’m really pumped about the new set Steam Siege, so I’m going to build an Infernape deck to CELEBRATE! Here it is (along with some comments about the cards).

3 Infernape
3 Monferno
4 Chimchar
2 Miltank
1 Entei
3 Professor Sycamore
2 Lysandre
1 Wally
1 N
2 Blacksmith
4 VS Seeker
2 Rare Candy
3 Ultra Ball
4 Battle Compressor
3 Scorched Earth
3 Acro Bike
1 Sacred Ash
2 Fiery Torch
2 Float Stone
14 Fire Energy

As you probably noticed, this deck is somewhat heavy on energy. However, I have a good reason. Infernape’s second attack does 200 only if there are 10 or more fire energies in the discard pile. That leaves you with four to work with. The only reason why I’m not running around 20 is that there wasn’t enough space in the 60 card limit of the deck.

How to Play

The goal of this deck is to use Flare Up every other turn for 200. With Scorched Earth, Fiery Torch, Battle Compressor, and Sycamore, plus Infernape’s Flare Blitz attack, it should work out. This deck is somewhat slow, but it can take popular decks like Mega Sceptile, Vespiquen, and Night March. It is actually very similar to the Typhlosion from XY BREAKthrough.


This card is the main attacker of the deck. With the right setup, it can 1 hit almost anything.


This Pokemon can take advantage of Infernape being a Stage 2. For 1 energy, it can do 80 as long as Infernape is on the bench.


This Pokemon is a good extra attacker. For 2 energies, it can do 20+ 20 for every Pokemon on the opponent’s bench.

Battle Compressor

This card is the best discard engine there is. It can ditch 3 fire energies straight from the deck.

Scorched Earth

This stadium lets you discard fire energy to draw extra fire energy to discard. Great, huh?


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