Arena 1 – The Beginning

Hi! I’m ggDerpyDerp. I’m the Clash of Clans and Clash Royale side of PikaPoster. We are the same user, just under different names. Today I will be showing you come good strategies for Arena 1: Goblin Stadium.

When you first start out, you don’t have many cards. In fact, you only have 6: not a whole decks worth. However, you are guarenteed 1 epic card that is either Witch, Baby Dragon, Prince, or Skeleton Army. Skeleton Army is considered the worst of the 4, but it is useable. Here is a deck that uses a combo of Witch and Giant.

Giant/Witch Deck


This is my typical build for a Giant/Witch deck. Giant soaks up damage while Witch and Musketeer do major damage to the tower. If you have the Elixir, you can add a Valkyrie or Spear Goblins. Fireball and Valkyrie can counter this deck very well, however. Make sure that they don’t have fireball in thier que by putting Spear Goblins and Musketeer together. If they use the Fireball, hit with Giant, Witch, and Valk.

(In this deck, the Musketeer says 5 elixir, but it really costs 4. Sorry!)

Baby Dragon Trickery Deck


This deck is based on trickery. You use your giant behid your tower, wait until you have 9 elixir, and then use Skelly Army. The opponent will most likely use arrows, letting you play your Goblins and Archers behind the giant, effectively creating an unstoppable force. Add Baby dragon and Musketeer if they fireball your Gobs/Archers to finish them off. Watch out for the Valk, who is annoying as ever, and especially the witch, as it can wreck anything you send, other than Musketeer. Use fireball to destroy Valk, Bomber, and Witch.

(In this deck, the Musketeer says 5 elixir, but it really costs 4. Sorry!)

Prince Splash Deck


This deck is all about letting your Prince hit the tower at full force. Put a prince on the field with a Witch or Bomber behind to wipe out Goblins, Spear Gobs, Archers or Skelly Armies. Bomber is ideal for most oppositions, but Minions and the Baby Dragon can only be hit by Witch or Musketeer. I reccomend using Prince with Bomber and Musketeer or Prince with Witch. Knight is a good counter for most cards, and this deck can also be played as a version of Giant/Witch.

(In this deck, the Musketeer says 5 elixir, but it really costs 4. Sorry!)

Pokemon Chatroom

By the way, there is a new feature on my site. Pokemon Chatroom. You can post deck ideas, show cool fake cards, and talk about Pokemon. Here is the link: Pokemon Chatroom. Don’t forget to subscribe! Have fun playing Pokemon and Clash Royale.

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