The Colorless Bugs: Yanmega Squad

Hey guys! I’m back with another COTD post from XY11 Steam Siege. Today I will be reviewing Yanma, Yanmega, and Yanmega-BREAK.


Yanma is a large, red dragonfly Pokémon. Compared to its long, thin abdomen, its thorax is short and wide. It has three pairs of two-toed legs and two pairs of wings with red bands on them. A bright green mask marking covers most of its face, and it has two spikes on top of its head. Its blue eyes can see all around its body allowing it to have a high evasiveness. The end of Yanma’s tail has two flat extensions from the sides and two gray spikes in the center.

Yanma 6/11

Yanma 70HP [G]

[C] Scout
Your opponent reveals his or her hand.

[C][C][C] Speed Dive 40

Weakness: [L] x2
Resistance: [T] -20
Retreat Cost: [C]

As you may have noticed, Yanma has no Grass energy in its attack cost. It is completely Colorless Energy. I rate this multi-purpose Basic from the Steam Siege expansion a 2.5 star.


Yanmega is a large, dark green dragonfly Pokémon. Its large eyes are red with black lines that make a sideways “T” shape in each one. It has two large, white fangs or mandibles next to its small mouth. Its immense jaw power allows it to bite apart foes while flying by at high speed. Each of Yanmega’s segments have a red spot on them, while the last tail segment has a black triangular plate. It has two similar plates on the back of its thorax and a third on its head. It has four white, oval wings with red tips, and there are two smaller white wings on the end of its tail. Yanmega can create shock waves by beating its wings. These shock waves are so powerful, they may inflict critical injuries on the foe. Yanmega also has six thin, black legs.

Yanmega 7/114

Yanmega 110HP [G]

[ABILITY] Sonic Vision
If you have exactly 4 cards in your hand, ignore all Energy in the attack cost of each of this Pokémon’s attacks.

[C][C][C] Assault Boom 50+
If your opponent’s Active Pokémon has a Pokémon Tool card attached to it, this attack does 70 more damage.

Weakness: [L] x2
Resistance: [T] -20
Retreat Cost: [NONE]

The evolved form of Yanma also has only Colorless energy costs. With a free retreat and many time free attacks, this is a force to be rekoned with. When paired with Judge and Head Ringer, you can do some serious damagee for no energy cost at all! I give this card a 3.5 star.

Yanmega-BREAK 8/114

Yanmega-BREAK ___HP [G]

[C][C][C] Barrier Break 100
This attack’s damage isn’t affected by Weakness, Resistance, or any other effects on your opponent’s Active Pokémon.

This extension of Yanmega is very stable. It does a solid 100 damage that is not effected by anything on the opponent’s Pokemon. I give it a3 star in general, and a 4 star when paired with Yanmega 7/114.

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