Splashing for Days with Spores!

Hey everybody! PikaPoster here back with one more COTD post. Today I will be reviewing the Cottonseed Pokémon Hoppip, Skiploom, and Jumpluff.


Hoppip is a round, pink Pokémon with long green leaves growing on top of its head. The leaves on its head have ragged edges, similar to a dandelion. It has big, triangular ears with dark insides and beady yellow eyes that lack pupils. Its arms and legs are stubby, and it has a short tail with a rounded tip.

Hoppip 3/114

Hoppip 40HP [G]

[C] Splash 10

Weakness: [F] x2
Resistance: [NONE]
Retreat Cost: [C]

Hoppip 3/114 is a very weak basic Pokémon from the Steam Siege expansion. The only reason that I would use it is if I was for some reason making a Jumpluff deck. I give this card a 1 Star.


Skiploom is a plant Pokémon that has a round, green body with stubby arms, feet, and tail. It has large, flat ears on the sides of its head and oval, red eyes with no pupils. On top of its head is a yellow bloom with a white center.

Skiploom 4/114

Skiploom 70HP [G]

[C] Splash 20

Weakness: [F] x2
Resistance: [NONE]
Retreat Cost: [C]

Skiploom is an under average Stage 1 from the Steam Siege expansion. I would say that most other Stage 1 Pokémon could outdo this Pokémon easily. I give this card a 2/5 star.


Jumpluff is a round, blue Pokémon with red beady eyes and small, round feet and tail. Three cotton puffs, almost as large as the body itself, extend off it: one on each arm, and one on top of its head. These puffs produce cotton spores that it can use to float in the air, and it can control its flight even in a hurricane. Three to four leaves grow at the base of the top puff. Jumpluff drifts on seasonal winds and can use its spores to masterfully maneuver itself around the globe. It will spread spores as it floats around to create offspring. It descends if it encounters cold air currents while it is floating. Though it spends a good amount of time in the air, it is commonly sighted above open grasslands.

Jumpluff 5/114

Jumpluff 90HP [G]

[C] Fluffy Transport
Switch 1 of your opponent’s Benched Pokémon with his or her Active Pokémon.

[G] Solar Step 20x
This attack does 20 damage times the number of your remaining Prize cards.

Weakness: [F] x2
Resistance: [NONE]
Retreat Cost: [C]

Jumpluff 5/114 is an average Stage 2 from the the Steam Siege expansion. With game balancing attacks and low costs, it makes up for the problem of being a Stage 2. I give this windy card a 3.5 star.

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