Fates Collide and BREAKing the TCG

Fates Collide is finally out, and I am pumped to show you some cards. From Mega Alakazam to the Zygarde forms to an awesome Aerodactyl card, this set will truly be amazing.

Fates Collide

New Pokémon

Zygarde Forms

I am super excited about these. They have not seen the card or video game since they came out. Now, you can get a Zygarde in the VG and the TCG, and in Fates Collide, you can get all of the forms!


Eeveelution EXs

OK, this is what makes the set worth it for me. I am a huge Eevee fan, and my favorite Pokémon is Glaceon. Not only are they making Glaceon and Umbreon EXs, but Glaceon will have the best full art I’ve ever seen. I cannot wait to get my hands on a playset of these.


New BREAK evolution Pokémon

With 5 BREAKs in the set, I’m surprised that the name isn’t BREAKspoons or something. It would make sense, because the main Pokémon is Mega Alakazam. Anyhow, these are the new BREAK evolution Pokémon.


New Mega Evolutions

There are some nice new megas in this set. However, I wish there had been a Mega Beedrill in this set. Here are some powerful new megas.


Amazing Pokémon

There are some Pokémon that aren’t super rares that still are awesome. I, personally, love the Aerodactyl from this set, and also the Serperior. Marowak is good, and I absolutely love the new Omastar. Here they are.


New Trainers


There are some really cool new items in the new set. One of them is Devolution Spray, a reprint from Dragons Exalted. It can be used as support power for Alakazam-EX or the bats. Also, a newly made card called Mega Catcher will totally change the game for Mega Evolution Pokémon. Here are the new items.



With all of the cool new cards out, I almost forgot about the supporters! They are reprinting Shauna, and adding some new ones. Here they are.


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