Eeveelutions Theme Deck Tune Up

Eeveelutions Deck Box

Today, I will be taking the Skyridge theme deck Eeveelutions and making it better than ever before. I hope you like Eevee!

Eeveelutions Deck

Here is the deck how it is:

4x Eevee Skyridge #54
1x Vaporeon Skyridge #33
1x Flareon Skyridge #8
1x Jolteon Skyridge #13
3x Voltorb Skyridge #113
2x Electrode Skyridge #36
3x Growlithe Skyridge #62
3x Lapras Skyridge #71
2x Teddiursa Skyridge #109
1x Ursaring Skyridge #110
3x Bill’s Maintenance Expedition #137
4x Potion Expedition #156
2x Fast Ball Skyridge #124
2x Town Volunteers Aquapolis #136
2x Fisherman Skyridge #125
9x Water Energy
9x Lightning Energy
8x Fire Energy

Here are my edits:

Since there are 4 Eevee in the deck, I think that I should put in another eeveelution. I think that I will use flareon, because it is the best of the Skyridge eeveelutions. I also think that in this case, growlithe is pretty useless, so I will add 2 Arcanine. I also think that 3 lapras is pretty unnecessary, so I will take 1 out. I will also remove 1 Voltorb, as three is unnecessary. Ursaring is also an okay card, so I will add one. We now have 61 cards in the deck, so I will take out some energy.

+1 Flareon
+2 Arcanine
-1 Lapras
-1 Voltorb
-1 Growlithe
+1 Ursaring
-4 Water Energy
-4 Lightning Energy
-2 Fire Energy

Now we have 51 cards in the deck. It’s time to add trainers.

Here are the trainer edits:

-2 Fisherman
-2 Fast Ball
-2 Potion
+2 Oracle
+2 Forest Guardian
+1 Pokémon Park
+2 Professor Oak’s Research
+2 Copycat
+2 Switch
+2 Energy Removal 2
+2 Dual Ball

Now, we have 60 cards in the deck. I hope you enjoyed this Pokémon theme deck tune up. Please subscribe for more fun Pokémon posts.

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