Cutting Edge: Is it Really Cutting Edge?

Cutting Edge Deck Box Art

Today I will be taking the theme deck Cutting Edge From Rising Rivals and tuning it up. I will only use cards from the Diamond and Pearl Platinum era.

Cutting Edge Deck

Here is the list as is:

1 Gallade 四 20/111
1 Beedrill 15/111
2 Kakuna 66/111
4 Weedle 86/111
1 Mr. Mime 四 28/111
2 Gengar GL 40/111
2 Leafeon 45/111
4 Eevee 59/111
2 Weezing 87/11
4 Koffing 68/111
2 Seedot 78/111
2 Energy Search 90/100
2 Potion 127/132
1 Aaron’s Collection 88/111
2 Lucian’s Assignment 92/111
2 Mom’s Kindness 83/100
2 Underground Expedition 97/111
11 Grass Energy
13 Psychic Energy


As you can probably already see, this deck list is horrible. 24 energy? Lets start by removing energy. We will take out all of the grass energy, since I aim to make this deck pure psychic. I will also add 3 SP energy, to balance out the number of energy cards in the deck. I will also take out the Leafeon, the Seedot, and the Beedrill lines, because they are grass types. Since I want to go with the Lucian’s Psychic theme, I will increase the number of Gallade 四 and Mr. Mime 四 to 4 and 3, respectively. I will also add some Alakazam 四 and some Bronzong 四, 4 and 3, respectively. I will take out the Gengar GL and the Weezing line, as well. We are now at 41 card in the deck, 14 Pokémon, 14 energy, and 13 trainers. I will add 6 Pokémon, and 13 trainers. For the Pokémon addition, I will add some Pokémon Lv.X. I will add 3 Gallade 四 Lv.X and 3 Alakazam 四 Lv.X.

-11 Grass Energy
+3 SP Energy
-4 Eevee
-2 Leafeon
-4 Weedle
-2 Kakuna
-1 Beedrill
-2 Seedot
+3 Gallade 四
+2 Mr. Mime 四
+4 Alakazam 四
+3 Bronzong 四
-4 Koffing
-2 Weezing
-2 Gengar GL
+3 Alakazam 四 Lv.X
+3 Gallade 四 Lv.X

Now for the trainer edits.

+2 Flint’s Willpower
+4 Team Galactic’s Invention G-109 SP Radar
+2 Volkner’s Philosophy
+2 Team Galactic’s Invention G-105 Poké Turn
+2 Level Max
+1 Lucky Egg
-1 Aaron’s Collection
-2 Potion
-2 Energy Search
+1 Premier Ball
+2 Poké Drawer +
+1 Great Ball
+1 Luxury Ball

I hope you liked this varient of the Cutting Edge theme deck! If anyone plays this list, please post it in the comments section. Thank You!

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