Butterfree – the Best Quiver Dancer


Butterfree is graceful, beautiful, and dangerous. This Pokémon is truly a force to be reckoned with. With attacks like Poison Powder and Stun Spore, this Pokémon will inflict every status condition there is on your Pokémon.


Butterfree is known for its quick evolution. Caterpie will evolve into Metapod at level 7, and Metapod will evolve into Butterfree at level 10. It is a butterfly-based Pokémon that, unlike a true insect, only has two body segments. Butterfree’s first pair of legs look like small, three-fingered hands, but the other pair looks like long, thin feet. It has two, black antennae, and a light blue nose with two fangs in it. Its compound eyes are red, which helps it see better. Butterfree’s wings are thickly covered with a purple, poisonous powder, that falls off when it flies. The powder repels water, letting it fly in the rain. Butterfree will search in a six mile radius of its nest to find Combee honey, but will also eat sap from trees, if need be. It lives in forests, but can also be found flying over the ocean as part of their migratory breeding pattern.

Quiver Dance

This is one of the most amazing attacks ever. For 1 grass energy, search your deck for a basic Energy card and attach it to Butterfree. If you attached an Energy, heal 40 damage from it. This not only lets Butterfree fully charge in two turns, but it also heals it in the process. I would combine this attack with Max Elixir, and I will explain why in the Combos section.


I never knew that this weak flying type attack could be so good. In the games, it only does 40 damage max, and now it is doing 70 for 3 energies in the TCG. Combine this with Quiver Dance attack, and the energy cost doesn’t matter anymore.


Max Elixir

I would combo this card with Quiver Dance. Play Max Elixir when it is still a Caterpie, then use its ability to quick evolve into Butterfree. Then attach an energy and hit with quiver dance, and it is fully powered.


I think that this is an above average Stage 2 from the Generations expansion. I rate this card 4/5 star.

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