Deoxys Deck: How and Why it’s used

Deoxys Deck

Have you ever wanted to build a deck off of Deoxys? Well, that is just what I will be doing today! Be ready to be amazed by my Deoxys Deck.

For my Deoxys deck, I have decided to use the ones from EX-Deoxys and EX-Emerald. Here is the list:

2 Deoxys EX [Attack Forme] 98/106 Rare Holo ex
1 Deoxys Ex [Defense Forme] 99/106 Rare Holo ex
1 Deoxys EX [Speed Forme] 93/106 Rare Holo ex
2 Deoxys [Attack Forme] 17/106 Rare
1 Deoxys [Defense Forme] 18/106 Rare
3 Dark Slowking 9/109 Rare Holo
3 Slowpoke 76/109 Common
2 Pidgeot 10/112 Rare Holo
1 Pidgeotto 45/112 Uncommon
2 Pidgey 73/112 Common
4 Plusle 8/97 Rare Holo
4 Celio’s Network 88/112 Uncommon
2 Rare Candy 83/106 Uncommon
2 Mr. Briney’s Compassion 87/97 Uncommon
2 Switch 102/112 Common
2 Master Ball 88/107 Uncommon
2 Rocket’s Mission 88/109 Uncommon
2 Rocket’s Admin. 86/109 Uncommon
1 Pokemon Retriever 84/109 Uncommon
1 Super Scoop Up 99/112 Uncommon
1 Swoop! Teleporter 92/109 Uncommon
1 Mr. Stone’s Project 79/106 Uncommon
1 Scott 84/106 Uncommon
12 Psychic Energy 105/106 Rare Holo
4 Boost Energy 93/107 Uncommon

If you think of any way to improve it (with ex-era cards) please let me know in the comments section. Please subscribe for more awesome Pokémon decks.

2 thoughts on “Deoxys Deck: How and Why it’s used

  1. This is the old format master ball, which has the effect of the more recent card great ball. That is why I can use more than 1.

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