Venusaur: Its a bird! Its a Plane! Its a Frog?!

Venusaur EX and Mega

Venusaur EX is a very powerful card from the Generations special expansion. It is not only used for its attacks like Frog Hop and Poison Impact, though. It can Mega-Evolve into the legendary M Venusaur-EX!


Venusaur is a short, four-legged Pokémon with bumpy, bluish green skin. It has small, circular red eyes, a short, flat nose, and a wide mouth with six teeth in it, two on top and four on bottom.When it Mega-Evolves, the flower on its back grows much larger and a small pink flower blooms on its head. The weight of the new flower causes its legs to become thicker in order to support it. Mega Venusaur also develops dark markings on its forehead below the new flower, somewhat like Bulbasaur’s.


Frog Hop

This attack is not my all time favorite. In fact, I might even say that I quite dislike it! 40 damage and a flip for 80 is okay, but the fact that it costs 3 energy kind of ruins it.

Poison Impact

This attack, I do like. It is extremely powerful, and it brings out Venusaur’s true power of poison. For 4 energy, you do 80 damage, and you automatically make the opponent asleep and poisoned. Add Virbank City Gym, and you have an awesome deck right there.

M Venusaur-EX

Bloom Buster

This attack is pure awesome. It does 130 damage, and has a coin flip effect. If heads, do 30 to all of your opponent’s benched Pokémon. This attack might cost a lot of energy, but I think that it’s worth it. You could also combine this with some stadiums so you can take care of Mountain Ring.


Personally, I think that Venusaur-EX’s second attack is so powerful, I have to rate it higher than M Venusaur-EX. I rate Venusaur-EX 4/5 stars and M Venusaur-EX 3.5/5 stars.

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