Smeargle: a Famed Pokémon Artist

Smeargle from BREAKthrough

Smeargle is the most artistic Pokémon of all time. In fact, it even has a paintbrush for a tail! This Pokémon might look docile, but they travel in packs and will attack anyone who sets foot inside its territory. Beware the smeargle!


Smeargle is a dog-like, white and brown Pokémon. It has a tail that closely resembles a paintbrush, which it uses in battle. The color of the paint on the paintbrush can vary depending on the Pokémon, but it is usually some shade of green, brown, or red. Smeargle will use its color of paint to mark its territory, which is interesting because Smeargle usually travel in packs. It has only one move when caught, which is Sketch. This move will permanently copy the move used last by an opponent, so it can theoretically learn any move, other than special moves like Blast Burn and Secret Sword. It has a footprint shaped marking on its back that is the same color as the tip of its tail, and round structure on its head that looks curiously like a beret. It has floppy, brown ears and a ring around its neck that is the same shade of brown. Smeargle are often found in cities and caves.

Second Coat

This ability is what Smeargle is famed for. It takes one basic energy attached to one of your Pokémon and swaps it for one in the discard pile. This can be incredibly useful, because you can attach the wrong kind of energy to a Pokémon and then immediately swap it out for the right one. This works well with the card Max Elixir, which takes an energy out of the top 6 cards of the deck and puts it on one of your benched basic Pokémon. If you pull the wrong kind of energy, you can just swap it out for a different one from the discard pile.


This is the most straightforward attack ever. For two colorless energy, you do 30 damage. This is kind of nice, because you can put it down on the field, play a double colorless energy and a Muscle Band, and then attack for 50. Straightforward, and simple.


Max Elixir
As I said before, Max Elixir can be used to pull energies and then swap them if they’re the wrong kind.

Battle Compressor
This card can be used to put energy into the discard pile. Then, Smeargle can swap them onto your Pokémon.



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