Noctowl: Flying High in the Sky


If you want a Pokémon that can really use your opponent’s strategy against them, then the Noctowl from XY-BREAKthrough is the one for you. This Pokémon will do extra damage for each of your opponent’s items.


Noctowl has many similarities to a normal owl. Instead of having feathers on its chest, it has dark brown triangles all down it. Its wings and its wedge shaped tail are both the same shade of dark brown, and the underside of its wings are very light brown, almost tan. Its talons and beak are light pink, and its irises are dark red. It is nocturnal, and it will almost always catch its prey.

High Flight

This attack is Noctowl’s best. It can manipulate trainers and turn them into damage. Each player reveals their hand. The attack does 20 damage times the number of Item cards that were revealed. This can do a lot of damage, considering the number of items you can have in your hand. Noctowl would go well in an item lock deck, so they could not play their items. Then, you could do crazy damage. My favorite part of this attack is that it only costs 2 colorless energy for a lot of damage.

Speed Dive

This attack is simple and down to the point. For three colorless energy, you do 70 damage. No extra effects, no nothing. Just damage.

Combo Cards

One good match is Trevenant. It can lock down your opponent’s items so they continue to have them in their hand. That makes High Flight do more damage. Another good one is Hand Scope and N. You use hand scope to check how many items they have, and if they don’t have enough, you use N to make them draw a new hand.


I rate this stage 1 Pokémon card from the BREAKthrough expansion a 3.5 star

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