Dodrio: Three heads is better than One


With Dodrio, three heads certainly is better than one. This bird is quick on it’s feet and can attack from three directions at once.


Retreat Aid

His is one of my favorite abilities of all time. It gives all of your Pokemon two less energy cards for their retreat cost, reducing the need for float stone and switch in your deck. This can be used in a combo with Keldeo-EX or Zoroark to essentially give all of your Pokemon a free retreat cost.

Fury Attack

This attack has been used so many times over in the history of the Pokemon TCG. Usually, this attack does a certain amount of damage times three coin flips, and this time is no different. Dodrio’s Fury Attack does 40 damage times 3 coin flips. This attack costs three energy cards, and can do up to 120 damage. I don’t think that this is the best attack ever, but it can work really well when combined with Trick Coin.


This Pokemon is a below average stage 1 Pokemon, and I rate this card a 2.5 star, because of it’s ability.

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