Haxorus: the Dragon who Hits Hard


Haxorus is arguably the best dragon type Pokémon there is. It can do up to 250 damage for only 1 Double Dragon Energy.


Dragon Dance

This attack is the one of the coolest things ever. As long as Haxorus is your Active Pokémon, each of its attacks does 100 more damage. This means that when you use Sharp Fang, you do 160 for one energy. It can be really powerful when you use Dragon pulse for 230 damage.

Sharp Fang

This attack is very simple, but very good. It does 60 damage for 1 energy, and it can be increased by 100 by using Dragon Dance. This is my favorite damage doing attack of Haxorus’s because of its cheap cost.

Dragon Pulse

This attack is truly powerful. For 1 Fighting energy and 1 Metal energy, you do 130 damage and discard the top 3 cards of your deck. With a Muscle Band and a Dragon dance Boost, it can do 250 damage in one hit.

I would use this card in a dragon deck with the Salamence from XY-Roaring Skies, because they are both dragon type stage 2s. You can use Rare Candy to bring them out early and Double Dragon Energy to power them up fast. I would also use Dragonite-EX in the deck, because it can swoop in and hit hard.

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