Mew – the Mythical Cutie Cat


February is the month of Mew! Not only will there be a bunch of Mew related products, there will also be level 100 giveaways, a new mythical collection, and much more!


Mew is a pink, cat-like Pokémon. It can fly around, and learn virtually any move. Its fur is so thin, that it can only be seen under a microscope, but it somehow still stays warm. It can generate a pink sphere of light around itself, which will protect it from almost any attack. It is one of the most intelligent Pokémon there is.

Mew in the TCG

Mew has played a great role in many decks over the years. It was published in almost all of the eras, and is still standard today. It was a regular Pokémon, a Pokémon star, as a delta species, as a Pokémon-ex, as a Prime Pokémon, as an EX, and now as a Full-Art Pokémon from the mythical Pokémon collection. Fun Fact: Mew-EX and ex both had the “Versatile” ability, which copies an opponent’s attack and uses it as its own.

Mew in the Video Game

This Pokémon could only ever be obtained by an event, or on an emulator by using a cheat code. One of the coolest times that you could get mew was an event in Japan, where you could get the “Old Sea Map” and travel to Faraway Island. This island was packed with unusual patterns and random things. It was actually one of the creepiest places in Pokémon. Then, when you found her, she would run away from you, and try to escape. It was really hard to catch it. (Try to avoid using legendaries when battling mew, because it has transform.)

Whether you play the Trading card game, the Video game, or just like it, February is the month of Mew!

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