Meloetta: The Accelerating Singer

Meloetta 85/162

Meloetta 85/162 is a really cool card. Not only can it power up really fast, but it can do 110 damage on the second turn of the game!

Meloetta is an amazing card. It is one of those cards that takes advantage of having a certain kind of energy.

Meloetta 85/162

Accelerating Spin

For 1 colorless energy, you can use Accellerating Spin. When you use it, you can fish 2 fighting Energy cards from your discard pile to it. This can be done well with battle compressor, which discards 3 cards from your deck. Then, you get to switch it with 1 of your Benched Pokémon. This can be really useful if you have a psychic energy attached to Meloetta, and you bring 2 fighting energies back. After grabbing the energies, you have to switch it for a benched Pokémon. I recommend Robo Substitute, because it will either be knocked out, or you can discard it on your turn. Then you bring up Meloetta, and hit for 110 damage.

Prima Rondo

If you want to do damage, you are best off using Meloetta’s second attack, Prima Rondo. It does 50 damage, but if it has and psychic Energy attached to it, Prima Rondo does 50 more damage. This can be combined well with strong energy, a card from XY-Furious Fists. It counts as a regular fighting energy, but it gives that Pokémon a 20 damage boost. I would recommend running 2 of this card in most fighting decks, and 3 or 4 in a fighting-psychic deck.


Meloetta is a mythical Pokémon from the Unova region. Its body is shaped like a music staff, and you can see many music notes in its figure. Its hair is a music staff with whole notes on it, and its hands are quarter notes. It also has a treble clef shaped jewel on its head.

I rate this card a 4.5 star.

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