Building a Pokemon TCG Deck

For all of you who have a bunch of random Pokémon cards and don’t know what to do with them, this post is about how to build a deck with all of those cards.


1.      Take Pokémon cards out of their box and spread them out on the table.


2.     Find two cards that you like. (I chose Rampardos and Manectric.)


3.     Find cards that go well with the cards you chose, especially their evolutions. (I am using Craniados and Electrike to go with the Pokémon I chose.)


4.     Use about 15 – 25 Pokémon, 20 – 40 Trainer Cards, and 4 – 14 Energy Cards. (I use about 7 energy in most decks.)


5.     Sort your trainer cards into 3 piles: Items, Supporters, and Stadiums. Use about 10 – 12 Items, 10 – 16 Supporters, and 0 – 6 Stadiums.


6.     For your energy, you will want to use around 4 – 14, and use about half and half of each type in your deck. (If you are using around 4 energy, you will want to run some energy searcher cards.)


7.     Now, play your deck against someone, and see if it works out. If not, try replacing some of the cards in it for ones that will help you more.

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