What decks will win at Worlds?

What decks will win at worlds?
That is the question on every Pokémon player’s mind. In this post I will give you the info on all the winning decks and what ones will probably win.


This deck has been played so much during the city, regional, and national championships, that I assume that it will probably make a major appearance at worlds. This also means that Landorus-EX decks will be seriously reduced in number.


I expect that this deck will make an appearance at worlds as well, because of it’s amazing setup power. It can easily thwart Seismetoad-EX, and it can effectively set up in one turn. Think: you flip second, play Forest of Giant Plants, evolve into Vespiquen, put a DCE on it, and go on a trainer playing spree. Seismetoad can’t block that, because it can’t attack on the first turn.

M Manectric-EX

This deck will undoubtedly be played, because of its amazing efficiency. It can set up your Pokémon on the bench at the same time. This deck is simple, yet devastating.

Archie’s Blastoise

As always, this deck is destined to win. It is powerful, and all around amazing.

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