Why is Thunder Lance (Raikou/Magnezone) Deck so Good?

This COTD might seem like a strange combination, because the two aren’t related like Raichu and Raichu-BREAK. They may not be related, but they sure are strong together.

Magnezone 54/162 is kind of like Blastiose from Boundaries Crossed, BlastoisePlasma Blast, and Plasma Storm. The only real difference is that it accelerates lightning energy rather than water. The cool thing is, the Pokémon that Blastoise helps is Keldeo-EX, who is an EX, and Magnezone helps Raikou, not an EX. Also, Raikou has an ability that protects it from 20 damage if any lightning energy attached. Here is a deck it could go in:

Pokemon – 15

3  Magnezone  BKT  54
2  Magneton  BKT  53
3  Magnemite  BKT  51
3  Raikou  BKT  55
2  Shaymin-EX  ROS  77
1  Zapdos  ROS  23
1  Lugia-EX  AOR  68

Trainer Cards – 33

4  Professor Sycamore
2  Fisherman
2  Professor Birch’s Observations
1  AZ
1  Judge
1  Lysandre
4  Trainers’ Mail
4  Ultra Ball
4  VS Seeker
3  Rare Candy
2  Float Stone
1  Escape Rope
1  Level Ball
1  Muscle Band
1  Professor’s Letter
1  Super Rod

Energy – 12

12  Lightning Energy

I rate Magnezone ★★★★, Raikou ★★★★, and their combo ★★★★★.

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