Cities Pokémon Tournament Decks

Have you ever been to a Cities Pokémon Tournament? I can tell you, they are hard to win. I went to one on December 12th. I faced a lot of hardcore decks, but a couple really stood out to me. Here are some of the decks I liked.


Apparently, some people had the same idea as me. The only difference was that he didn’t use Night March Pokémon like Joltik in his deck. He also used Jirachi, which can be very powerful with its Stardust attack. The only foolproof deck against it is Pyroar, who repels basic Pokémon. Also, Entei is a very good card he used to mill his deck.


This deck uses Pyroar to eliminate the threat from Pokémon-EX, but Charizard-EX and Mewtwo-EX do the damage. A good thing to use against this deck is Vespiquen, because it has fast setup to a Stage 1. Don’t even try to use a Pokémon-EX unless you plan to Mega-evolve soon onto the game. Basics go down to this deck.


Raichu/Crobat is one of those annoying decks that puts tons of Pokémon on the bench, then hits hard. Raichu can do mass-damage with Sky Field, and Crobat can help out while on the bench. Hawlucha will deal with the EXs, and Mr. Mime protects the bench. A nice thing to run against it is Parallel City. It will limit their bench to 3 Pokémon so Raichu won’t do very much damage. Try not to run Lugia-EX against it. It will be Knocked Out right away.

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