Pikachu-EX and Hoopa-EX stand REVEALED!

The new Legendary Collection Boxes boast two new Pokemon-EX. Pikachu-EX and Hoopa-EX. Both are very cute, and very powerful.

Pikachu-EX has a cheap first attack called Iron Tail, which costs 1 colorless energy and has a cool effect. You flip a coin until you get tails, and does 30 damage times the number of heads. Its second attack costs 1 lightning energy and 2 colorless energies. You discard all lightning energy on Pikachu-EX, then do 50 damage times the number of energies discarded. With Magnezone and Fisherman, it can be a formidable card.

Hoopa-EX has a really cool first attack. For one psychic energy, you search your deck for 2 item cards and put them into your hand. You can easily use this to get out your Hypnotoxic Laser and Muscle Band out of your deck and use them. Its second attack isn’t as useful, because it costs a lot.

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