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Here is a interesting and extremely strong deck that I recently built. It is completely Standard with no banned cards, which means that it can be played in any tournament.
“Bee March”:

Combee x4
Vespiquen x4
Unown x4
Eevee x2
Flareon x1
Vaporeon x1
Lugia-EX x1
Joltik x4
Lampent x3
Pumpkaboo x3

Level Ball x2
Acro Bike x3
Repeat Ball x2
Trainer’s Mail x2
Ultra Ball x3
Battle Compressor x1
VS Seeker x1
Muscle Band x1
Exp. Share x1
Professor Sycamore x4
Lysandre x2
Professor Birch’s Observations x1
Forest of Giant Plants x1

Double Colorless Energy x4
Fire Energy x2
Water Energy x2
Lightning Energy x1

This deck is really easy to play. You go second and put out Joltik on turn 1. You attach a Double Colorless and a muscle band, battle compressor out 3 Lampents, and do Night March for 80. It the later game, you can use Vespiquen now that you have more Pokémon in the discard pile. If you are lucky, you will have  a Vespiquen doing around 180-200 damage per hit. If you really need to, you can send out Lugia-EX and attach a DCE to do some damage. Whatever you do, just have fun with the deck.

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